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We are one of the leading exporters in India of ISO 9 001: 2008, ISO 13485: 2012 and CE Marked Leading Manufacturers, Durable Medical Supplies and Other Medical Devices in India. We always welcome all importers and distributors of this area to be partnered with us. All our major products have been listed below if the items you are interested in are not listed here, please contact us. We can also list those items.

Our image is the result of honest effort; our aim is to provide all the world class products in the medical healthcare field. Our company is still engaged in the construction and distribution of a wide range of medical items, which are used for the establishment of medical facilities.

The company is busy with the fully experienced members in the construction of devices related to this important area. The company practices best in manufacturing and focuses on new trends in the design of healthcare equipment and special needs of the market.

Our company is managed by a team that has hands-on experience in every field of activity, which is necessary to keep pace with the mobility associated with this area. It has dedicated the team of professionals who are equally expert in the domestic market as much as the export market. This is the unity of purpose, the fulfillment of rural checkpoints and the best achievement at the most affordable cost.

The company also has expertise in meeting the requirements of private label and has all the necessary certificates to get started with it.
OML's main belief is, "Building the highest quality at the most satisfactory price".

We have devoted ourselves to making a place in the dangerous crowd of medical equipment market. We see ourselves as a sincere opponent by selling our products with value that we need most.

Ensuring the satisfaction of total cost is our motto, which we strive to do through the monetary reform in the production process and try to adopt the manufacturing system along with technological advances, work very first time, and optimum resource development By distributing quality product through.

We will always serve our society to upgrade health care services and to provide the latest and highest quality of medical services to patients and physicians.

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