O.T C-Arm Table With Orthopadic Attachment

The C-Arm Compatible O.T C-Arm Table with Orthopadic Attachment offered by us is available with rectangular hydraulic pump system which utilizes minimum space and thus reduces the interference with the C-arm. It also has a heavy frame fro fixing gears on the side of the table which lowers down the interference to C-arm movement. Also, by operating corresponding gear Lateral tilt, Trendleburg and back Break can be achieved. In addtion to this it also has Radioluscent arm board, Shoulder support, litho rods, screen, lateral support, Perinial support, Interlock femur nail fixation arrangement, Traction kit and Knee Chest position spine surgical attachment provided. The other attributes includes:

    Item Code: OML-HF 341
  • Elevation : 34" - 43.5" (Without mattress)
  • Back Break : 90 degree up.
  • Weight without attachemnts : 250 kg.
  • Table Top : 21" X 72"
  • Lateral tilt : Each 30 degree
  • Trendleburg : Each 30 degree

O.T C-Arm Table With Orthopadic Attachment

O.T C-Arm Table With Orthopadic Attachment In India

O.T C-Arm Table

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